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Projects I have been involved in

Over the past couple years, I have been part of a Design Pattern Library development team. I have either helped build or maintain nearly all of the components that make up 3M's web pages by using front end code such as HTML5, SASS and jQuery or writing back end logic that the Content Managment System uses to gather data from our site building teams. Below are some site that at the time they were posted contain components I've worked on that are listed below. However, these sites are subject to change. If you'd like to see any specific component I've built feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to dig up an example for you.



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My Expertise

Responsive Design

Due to learning how to code at a very prominant time for mobile web users, responsive web design was a major focus on every project I've been a part of. This is why I've made it a major focus that drives the way I write my code. My former projects have given me experience and extensive knowledge on responsive web design and cross-browser compadibility.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Content Managment Systems

I have been working with CMS since I began programming in 2014. Some of the more common platforms I'm familiar with are Wordpress and Pryo. However, I have spent the past two years working with IBM's web content manager FUZE. This has given me experience in developing components that can be used within a CMS and also an in depth understanding of how content managment systems work and are maintained.

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